Our Consulting Services

Foresight Capital Corporation seeks to provide effective, valuable solutions for every company. In order to best accomplish this, Foresight employs both a straightforward, yet flexible approach to its services and pricing. This approach allows Foresight to offer straightforward pricing (one time, flat fees), but simultaneously allows for the ability to tailor services to individual clients and company’s specific needs. As commitment to our clientele is our number one priority, Foresight makes an active effort to customize its services depending on budgetary flexibility and consulting needs.

Foresight offers four distinctive consulting “packages”, along with a set of more flexible additional services.

Package 1:
Foresight Capital Corporation will review, evaluate, critique, and provide funding visibility advice for your company. Foresight will also make 1-2 phone calls on your company’s behalf to aid in acquisition of funding. $300.00

Package 2:
Foresight Capital Corporation will review, evaluate, and critique existing business plans and overviews. Foresight will then rewrite business plan and overview where needed and/or draft a new plan with one tear sheet related to business and up to two tear sheets on products. Additional sheets will warrant extra fees. Foresight will thoroughly discuss objectives and provide funding visibility advice. Foresight will also make up to 5 phone calls on company’s behalf to aid in acquisition of funding. $1,000.00

Package 3:
Foresight Capital Corporation will review, evaluate, critique, develop business plan and tear sheets, provide visibility support and advice, engage in business development and merger and acquisition interests, identify and speak with up to 10 funding sources on behalf of the company, negotiate terms for funding and if necessary or requested, become involved with operations should Foresight Capital Corporation expertise be required. $2,500.00 cash and $5,000.00
equivalent in equity.

Package 4:
Our fourth package can be procured on a month-to-month basis and fees will vary depending upon involvement and company needs and goals. This package will include all Package 3 deliverables; however, funding sources will not be limited to 10, and will include extensive communications and interactions between Foresight Capital Corporation and potential funding sources.

Additional Services:

Additional services provided à la carte consist of website design, development and hosting, scientific regulatory services, quality control for research and manufacturing, assays for evaluations pertaining to natural resource projects, interim management positions, investor relations, and shareholder services, etc.

To provide even more flexible and tailored offering of services, Foresight offers an hourly rate of consulting services for $200-300, depending on type of service being provided.

Please contact us to discuss further how Foresight can tailor a plan to adapt to your specific needs and budget.

Let Foresight Capital Corporation Represent Your Company Coast to Coast

Thanks to extremely strategic bi-coastal locations in metropolitan New York and Scottsdale, Arizona, Foresight Capital is within easy commuting distance of a majority of American business capitals, including but not limited to: Scottsdale, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange Country, San Francisco (on the West Coast), and well as New York, Boston, and Washington D.C. (on the East Coast).

Let Foresight Capital Corporation represent you to investment professionals in New York City. Thanks to years of experience in business and consulting, Foresight experts understand the processes involved in funding acquisition and the costs involved in sending an investment team across the country. Instead of expending these valuable company funds, Foresight proposes an effectual solution. Send Foresight out on your company’s behalf before you spend the time and money to send out a professional team to New York. Foresight Capital Corporation has both the drive and expertise needed to represent your company to potential investors and push your company’s agenda to the top of the list. Foresight Capital Corporation can effectively research and evaluate potential investors, bringing back a solid list of proven, appraised, and assessed investors and professional contacts to your company. Foresight can then orchestrate further meetings and connections with your investment team, thereby optimizing your capital acquisition process and saving your company energy and resources.

Commitment to Professionalism

Foresight Capital Corporation is aligned with and maintains long standing relationships with SEC approved and noted auditors, legal counsel, regulatory affairs experts and many other professionals to assist with your project.

Commitment to Quality and Integrity

Foresight does not offer any sort of group coaching or consultations (consisting of working with more than one company at a time). As a consulting company, we pride ourselves on the firm belief in devoting our full attention to one individual company at a time. Foresight believes that it is only through such devoted attention that we can understand every facet of your company’s unique needs and thereby move forward to find the most optimal and sustainable solutions.

The Foresight Capital Corporation Website and You

The aforementioned services and intended results can be enhanced by having your company linked to the Foresight Capital Corporation site. Foresight Capital Corporation will continuously work on driving visibility to prospective investors for the benefit of our clients. For a one-time set up fee of $150.00, Foresight’s webpage will include a link to your site and/or contact information on the Foresight Capital Corporation website and will continue to feature the link, should you so choose. Initially your site will be featured for one month. During the first two week period of this time, Foresight will make calls to qualified funding partners, making them aware that you are seeking capital specific to your business. After the first month, an additional $50 per month will be charged in order to stay on the site. You may cancel this service at any time and your site will automatically move off our main page and on to our “already funded page”. Exposure on this page will include no cost. Additionally, your funding source will be highlighted for providing support unless funding sources opt not to. In this case, funding details will remain confidential unless company is public at the time of funding.


Refer another client to Foresight Capital Corporation and receive a $100 rebate on any service, either purchased or for future use. Rebate to be issued after referred client commits to participating in a consulting agreement with Foresight.

Interactive Foresight Webinar

Coming soon. Check back for information on monthly Foresight Capital Corporation Free Webinars. Webinars will consist of 15-minute sessions featuring fundraising tips, consulting and efficiency advice, and further information on what Foresight can do to optimize and prepare your company for success in an ever-changing business world.