Foresight Capital Corporation is not comprised of traditional investment bankers, but rather facilitators, financial managers, and professionals such as attorneys, accountants and life science specialists for growing companies. Our expertise is in resolving the complex and tedious details of equity funding that devour a CEO and CFO’s time, energy, and focus. We provide private equity and debt funding from affiliated funds and our syndicate for institutional and private investors, and we bring a turnkey process to access public equity funding while enabling our clients to concentrate on growing their businesses.

Foresight’s abilities are not industry-specific. We are involved in such diverse fields as health care, energy, precious metals, wireless technology and biotechnology. In short, Foresight’s capabilities span virtually every industry. However, our specialty lies in assisting both life science start-ups and existing life science companies, as well as energy companies. Whether your company focuses on new technology or healthcare devices, and whether it is public or private, we offer our services.

Years of individual and collective experience have given Foresight the ability to coordinate and lead a focused effort that meets the circumstances unique to each project we undertake. Foresight specializes in:

  • Packaging and tailoring the client for capital infusion
  • Making introductions, handling conference calls, travel for and with management to present your company for and/or with you.
  • Positioning companies for public offerings, both initial and secondary

The Foresight team includes experienced SEC Counsel, SEC accountants, numerous underwriter relationships and a constantly updated database of merger and acquisition candidates. Additionally, we offer legal and scientific/regulatory experts for those companies in need of guidance in such areas. Foresight’s ability to coordinate and manage the diverse needs of each of these parties maximizes the efficiency of the funding and company growth process.

In addition, Foresight brings a staff of consulting and technical advisors to evaluate opportunities for growth in each client’s industry, particularly life science. Foresight assists client-company growth through synergistic acquisitions and/or through internal expansion. Our technical experts evaluate both internal funding opportunities as well as potential merger/acquisition candidates, focusing on the operational efficiencies of the client-company, and how it will be positioned within the industry and the public sector.

Foresight takes a hands-on approach because of a philosophical difference between the way we do business and the way others approach the process. In brief, we often negotiate upfront fees and we typically do not require an “ongoing” monthly retainer until after initial financing has been secured. Rather, as our primary compensation, we negotiate a minority equity stake in each of our client-companies. The size of this position varies with the complexity of the deal. However, as a rule, we do not take control and have no interest in managing the daily business operations of either startup companies or existing companies seeking a new direction. Since our goal is the long-term appreciation of the client company’s equity, our interests and those of the owners are directly aligned.

We focus on fundamentally sound companies in defensible niches that have the potential for growth with our assistance. The primary goal is to provide the tools that management needs to access the private equity markets and to grow the company over the long term, whether it is an early-stage company or one that simply needs some redirection. In so doing, the owners of our client companies have the potential for long term liquidity in their businesses and a corresponding increase in their personal and corporate net worth.